funny how this is relavant again. Just. Number 1/7 aren’t actually.

apparently talking about it triggers it. I wish I didn’t do it. I dont want to start the new year with this









reblog and make a wish

this is my second time reblogging and my first wish came true so

i have to

I reblogged this a week ago, my wish came true 2 days ago, hopefully my wish will come true this time
why not

i did this a few days ago and it also came true, i was freaked out like fuck


here goes nothing
well lets see 

love this

this is the most notes any of my posts have had. ^^

for my 22 followers that are strangely still following.

I’m back!

I had to stop for a lot longer than I thought….Little background story.

I had to be taken to the hospital because I was cutting my wrists and trying to overdose on pain killers.

I went to therapy for a few months and I don’t have to go as often now..

finally got my computer back!

TOTALLY over that guy. (I think) And I havent cut for almost 2 months now.

Yay me!

Hopefully I’ll be blogging regularly again!


its like now that I know how, I can’t stop making them..


still too fast.

Oh my god. You’re perf.

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